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Name: Bolin
Series: Legend of Korra
Timeline: Just after the end of Season One.
Canon Resource Links: Bolin's wiki page and some useful topics on his world.

Personality: Bolin is a bit of a jester. He likes performing and making people happy whether on the streets or in the arena. After his parent's death, his brother took care of and protected him. This let Bolin keep his childhood innocence a bit longer even when they were forced to deal with more unsavory characters in order to survive. Whereas Mako seems to have dealt with things by toughening up, Bolin seems to have decided that even something that terrible couldn't wreck his family or his life. Bolin's optimism can get him in a lot of trouble.

Bolin wears his heart on his sleeve. Despite not having much experience with actual dating, he'll happily flirt, and he doesn't hesitate to tell someone how much he likes them and wants to go out with them. Instead of beating around the bush, he's much more likely to go the opposite way and beat the bush to death. He's just that enthusiastic by nature, and he doesn't take things seriously unless he is forced to. He would much rather forget, forgive, and be at peace with the world.

That said, Bolin is very loyal and also has his own protective side. Just as he doesn't quietly keep his happiness to himself, he doesn't keep his anger or his sadness to himself. Everyone always knows what Bolin's feelings are, and he feels no shame in that. His tendency to live his life honestly and the way he quickly recovers from his anger, sadness, and other troubles are probably related. It also helps that he is always going to place his friends and family high, so high that he may forget what troubles him in favor of what troubles them.

Strengths/Weaknesses: Some of these are both strengths and weaknesses. For example, Bolin's open, trusting nature gets him in a lot of trouble when he meets the wrong people. But that's also how he becomes friends with Korra, the avatar. Bolin has the strength of being friendly, forgiving easily and otherwise being oddly grounded for such a silly guy. But he needs the people he cares about around him--he has no memory of any time his brother wasn't there for him--so he will always need to have or build a family or suffer for lacking it.

Physically, Bolin is a strong pro-bender, and he's afraid of losing that power. His bending is tangled up with who he is, someone very solid who's strangely light-footed about life. That is who he's always been and how he's always protected himself and those he cares about. Without it, he is (or feels he is) helpless.

Pokémon Information
Affiliation: Trainer
Starter: Sentret
Password: Scrambled Eggs

First Person Sample: Helloooooo, not Republic City!

[Have a very close-up shot of Bolin's oh-so pretty eyes.]

So, hey. Kidnapped huh. [Kidnapped again, more like it. He leans back and strokes his lack of beard, allowing the rest of his face to be seen. There's a Sentret flopped over his shoulder like a pancake.]

This is a lot better than most kidnappings I've been to. I even get a free--uh, I'm not sure what this is. [He checks out that Sentret. It's a little familiar to him but not quite enough. Like a squished fire ferret.] Yeah, I don't know. But he is adorable! Don't tell Pabu I said that.

[The Sentret makes some little squeaky noises from his shoulder.]

Ahh, guys! It's assaulting me with cuteness! Do you think I should name him?

Third Person Sample: The very first thing Bolin noticed was a worrisome feeling of a lack of something. It crept up the back of his neck like little cut hairs from a new haircut. He felt suspicious without knowing why, and tried his bending immediately, not knowing what he expected.


He tried again, but the earth around him reacted as though it were just lifeless water or air or fire, ignoring his call. He had a bad feeling it didn't hear him at all. But was it the foreign dirt or was his bending itself gone? It made him shiver to think he had lost his abilities, so he preferred to think it was just some really smug soil, too full of itself to do as he asked. He'd be fine once he got home, he was sure.

Bolin was also a little worried on not immediately seeing Mako or Pabu or Korra or ... well, anyone he recognized. But they'd catch up, Mako at least always did whenever Bolin was in trouble. Not that he was in trouble.

At least there were all sorts of new sights to see.

Looking around, he wondered just which nation he was in. They had said something about a world of pokemon, but he'd never heard of that. The style of the buildings was just a bit off, and there was the really bizarre matter of the little frying pan-shaped creature so terribly attached to him. Not only did it looked like someone had run over a fire ferret, it sounded like it was actually saying the words "Sentret!" over and over again. He wasn't an expert on animals by any means, but he'd never heard one that sounded like that.

"What are you, little guy?" said Bolin to him, rubbing his chin. But it just said "Sentret!" again instead of anything sensible. If only Pabu were here to translate.
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