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2022-07-15 05:35 pm

[sticky entry] Sticky: Obligatory contact post

You can use this for HMD/Contact/whatever if you don't want to PM me.
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2022-08-12 08:53 pm
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Currently around: Violet City

Generally on Team
Banji the Sentret ♂ (starter)
Mei the Hoothoot
Paomo the Hoppip
Agni the Blaziken, Level 44 ♂
Kun the Cubone
Pinzui the Lunatone (genderless)

Generally In Box:
Yi the Sentret
Wenhao the Starly

At least P2300 left
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2012-08-06 06:39 pm
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Rock 1

Helloooooo, not Republic City!

[Have a very close-up shot of Bolin's oh-so pretty eyes.]

So, hey. Kidnapped huh. [Kidnapped again, more like it. He leans back and strokes his lack of beard, allowing the rest of his face to be seen. There's a Sentret flopped over his shoulder like a pancake.]

This is a lot better than most kidnappings I've been to. I even get a free--uh, I'm not sure what this is. [He checks out that Sentret. It's a little familiar to him but not quite enough. Like a squished fire ferret.] Yeah, I don't know. But he is adorable! Don't tell Pabu I said that.

[The Sentret makes some little squeaky noises from his shoulder.]

Ahh, guys! It's assaulting me with cuteness! Do you think I should name him?